Monday 15 March 2010

Lobbying of Japanese embassies/consulates

Press Release FJC1002

15 March 2010

Lobbying of Japanese embassies/consulates

Members and supporters of the Free Jamal! 2010 campaign have today lobbied Japanese embassies and consulates to release Jamal Saberi (Jalal Ahmadzade-Nouei) from detention in Japan and save him from deportation to Iran.

In the UK Jalil Jalili and Patty Debonitas, campaign organiser, went to the Japanese embassy in London to speak to the ambassador. They presented the Free Jamal! file with letters of protest from the campaign and other organisations, press releases and photos of Jamal’s political activities. They were seen by the Head of Security but unfortunately neither the ambassador nor the first secretary of the embassy were available to meet them.

In Germany campaigners went to the consulates in Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt and the embassy in Berlin.
Some campaigners held a protest in front of the Japanese embassy in Copenhagen. Japanese ambassadors and consuls in Vancouver, Stockholm, Paris, Lyons and Holland are also being lobbied. More details on the individual countries to follow.

More meetings and protests at Japanese embassies and consulates have been planned for the coming week.

Mission Free Iran is supporting the Free Jamal! campaign by organising a protest in Washington on 21 March 2010 in front of the Japanese embassy.

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