Tuesday 23 March 2010

Global Day of Action Wednesday 31 March 2010

Global Day of Action against the anti-refugee policies of the Japanese government 31 March 2010

The Free Jamal! campaign announces 31 March 2010 a Global Day of Action against Japanese anti-refugee policies to coincide with the end of UN Special Rapporteur Jorge Bustamante’s mission to observe the human rights situation of migrants in the country and his scheduled press conference on that day in Tokyo.

Free Jamal! calls on all members and supporters of the campaign to hold demonstrations in front of Japanese embassies and consulates on 31 March to express their strongest objection at the Japanese government’s treatment of refugees.

Free Jamal! supports the struggle and the demands of thousands who are detained in the prisons of the Japanese Immigration Authorities and are highlighting the treatment of Jamal Saberi - a well-known women, worker and human rights’ activist for the people of Iran - by the Japanese Ministry of justice as a clear example of the unjust behaviour by the Japanese government towards refugees.

Free Jamal! demands the immediate release of Jamal Saberi, the repeal of his deportation order and that Japan must grant him refugee status.

Special representative of the Free Jamal! campaign, Farshad Hosseini, will be present in Tokyo next week to support the Global Day of Action locally.

The Japanese government and its Ministry of Justice should be aware that the whole world is watching their misbehaviour towards refugees and migrants, including Jamal Saberi who has been at the frontline of defending refugee rights in Japan for 18 years.

On 31 March Japanese officials will recognise that intending to deport Jamal Saberi as well as any underhand dealings with the Islamic Republic of Iran will be exposed and will cost Japan dearly as a consequence. The Free Jamal! campaign with all its members and supporters are determined to free Jamal Saberi and to realise all demands.

Hambastegi - International Federation of Iranian Refugees

Free Jamal! campaign: Patty Debonitas
Tel: +44 750 797 8745
Email: freejamalcampaign@gmail.com

Special representative in Japan: Farshad Hosseini
Tel: + 31 681285184
Email: farshadhoseini@yahoo.com


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