Sunday 28 March 2010

Free Jamal! Petition online

In addition to our automatic service of sending a protest letter, we now also have a petition online. You can sign it here

and here is the petition text:

To: Japanese Ministry of Justice & UNHCR Japan

I am writing to express my strongest concern over the fate of Jamal Saberi (Jalal Ahmadzade-Nouei) who is currently in detention in Tokyo and is going to be deported to Iran from Japan.

Jamal Saberi is a well-known political opponent of the Islamic Regime of Iran and has been a human rights activist for 18 years in Japan. Jamal Saberi’s safety and life would be in danger if he were to be returned to Iran.

Japan’s effort to forcibly return an Iranian political activist constitutes a violation of the international principle of non-refoulement, which prohibits forcibly returning a person to a country where their life or freedom would be threatened.

Jamal Saberi has suffered two heart attacks while he was previously detained in Japanese detention centres.

I urge the Japanese Immigration Authorities to immediately release him and cancel his deportation order. Mr. Saberi has a well-founded fear of persecution by the Islamic regime. He warrants recognition as a political refugee and merits protections under UN agreements on the Status of Refugees, to which Japan is a signatory.

I am awaiting your immediate intervention in this life-threatening situation. Needless to say, UNHCR and the Japanese government will be held accountable for Jamal Saberi's life and freedom.


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