Wednesday 10 March 2010

International Federation of Iranian Refugees call

To Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and defenders of refugee rights across the world

Jalal Ahmadzade-Nouei, alias Jamal Saberi, political activist opposing the Islamic regime in Iran, has been arrested by the Japanese police to be deported to Iran.

Jalam Saberi left Iran for Japan in 1990. In 1992 he joined the Worker-communist Party of Iran (WPI), and began his party-political activities in Japan against the violation of human rights in Iran. As a member of WPI, an ardent Iranian opposition party, Jamal wrote many articles against Islamic Republic of Iran, in particular, as well as political Islam, in general. He also wrote articles exposing Japan’s diplomatic relations with the Iranian regime. Several of his writings have appeared in the Japanese press as well as Iranian publications such as Hambastegi (organ of the International Federation of Iranian Refugees – IFIR) and Javanan-e Komonist (organ of Communist Youth Organization). He applied for refugee status in Japan on May 28, 2002. His application was turned down by the Immigration Bureau of the Japanese Ministry of Justice on March 28, 2002. He appealed this decision in April of the same year. The appeal was rejected, and the Japanese police issued an order for his arrest and deportation. Jamal was arrested in late October 2003 and transported to the Immigration Bureau’s detention center, where he was kept for one year. By the time he was arrested Jamal had become a popular human rights activist among the Left organizations, human rights organizations and the trade unions. So, naturally, his detention was protested by several such organizations, which finally succeeded in preventing his deportation.

Yet the Japanese government never accepted Jamal as a refugee, nor did the UNHCR made any efforts to assist such a well-known figure. Now, Jamal’s lawyer has said that this time he is in danger of being deported to Iran.

There are many human rights organizations that are well acquainted with Jamal Saberi’s political background in fighting the Islamist regime in Iran. Since his joining WPI in 1992, Jamal has organized and led tens of rallies and demonstrations against violation of human rights in Iran. These Jamal’s activities are well documented in Japan, and many human rights organizations are familiar with his name as a remarkable active opponent of the Iranian regime. Last year he even received threats from the Iranian thugs, aka diplomats, in Japan. These facts go to show Jamal’s present political situation and the imminent perils that threaten his life.

We are now writing to relay the news of Jamal’s detention by the Japanese police and give voice to his protest at international level. We are trying our best to rally the public opinion against the Japanese government and its blatant violation of Jamal’s human rights. We, therefore, hereby declare that as far as we are concerned the Japanese government will be responsible for any harm that, we have no doubt, will jeopardize Jamal Saberi’s life and/or safety.

The murderous Islamist regime in Teheran is now eagerly awaiting Jamal’s return to Iran as a prey. Jamal is now sitting on deportation row in Japan. Let us not allow the Japanese government to deport him back to Iran so that the tyrannical regime Islamist regime can put him against the wall as it has done in the case of tens of thousands of the most honorable people before him. We, at the International Federation of Iranian Refugees, urge all organizations that receive this letter to take immediate action to save Jamal Saberi from deportation to Iran. We request that they expressly demand that the Japanese government release Jamal from jail, revoke his deportation order, and take appropriate measures to protect his life in Japan.


Abdollah Asadi
March 10, 2010

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