Wednesday, 7 April 2010

More significant support for Jamal in Japan!

Japan report 6 April 2010
Today was another busy and successful day for Farshad Hosseini on his mission in Japan. He met with representatives of the Japanese Railway Workers' union, International Workers Solidarity and the Refugee Support Network in Japan today.

Farshad met with Mr Tanaka Yasuhiro, the president of Doro-Chiba (National Railway Motive Power Union of Chiba), Mr Yamamoto, the secretary treasurer of International Labor Solidarity Committee of Doro-Chiba, Mr Seto and Mr Tazaki as well as Ms Sogame from the Refugee Support groups.Farshad Hosseini asked for support from the trade unions and organisations for Jamal as a symbol and representative of the opposition and revolution against the Islamic regime of Iran.

The TU representatives stated that they know Jamal and that he has been their link with Iran and the opposition there. They promised to use all their resources including international links to make sure that Jamal is supported.

This is a significant boost to the free Jamal campaign!

Farshad also met with Mrs Noriko Watanabe, Jamal's solicitior and discussed Jamal's case in detail and ways of supporting his case. Mrs Watanabe stated that the campaign to free Jamal has helped to temporarily stop the deportation of Jamal, but the Ministry of Immigration could speedily refuse Jamal’s case and deport him. She stated that the Immigration officials believe that the ‘supposed danger to Jamal is political propaganda’ and 'no danger awaits him'. She also stated that the most probable route is political for Jamal rather than legal, or it may be possible to facilitate to transfer him to another country.Mrs Watanabe has asked that all correspondance and support be copied to her directly to be added to his case as supporting documents.

Farshad has also tried to contact the Ministry of Immigration, they have refused to see him but have confirmed that they are aware of his case. Farshad is planning to see UNHCR and Amnesty International.

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